Dallas Breast Augmentation

The Perfect Choice: The Art of Breast Augmentation by Dr. Robert Schwartz in Dallas

It’s a new day. You look at yourself in the mirror. In that minute, you assess—hair, face, body, clothes. How you look does matter. Unfortunately, many women are left wanting what nature never fully gave them or wanting back what time and often motherhood has taken away. Your wish—finding a doctor who understands your vision for yourself. Your answer—Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Schwartz.

While most surgeons use the same handful of styles and techniques over and over again, Dr. Schwartz does not believe in “one size fits all.”  He believes that:

  • All implant styles have a role, and none should be ruled out as an option.
  • Patients who come to his Dallas practice should not be limited to implants from a specific company.
  • There is a style and size of implant that matches the results you are looking for exactly. 


“The prettiest breasts will never be a mistake, they will always be a winner and that is why choosing the right size implants is the most important step in your breast augmentation surgery.” – Dr. Robert Schwartz

When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Schwartz will take you through the process of the perfect style and size of implants that are right for your body type and yours alone.

Whether they be saline or silicone gel. Smooth shell or textured. Round or teardrop shaped. Low, medium or high profile. Dr. Schwartz uses the full range of implant types and styles, carefully matching the implant characteristics to your individual needs and goals.

“The Goal of Breast Augmentation Should Be the Prettiest Breasts Possible.”

This may sound obvious, yet for most plastic surgeons it is rarely the aim. Often there is no stated goal, or if there is one, it revolves around a certain cup or implant size, regardless of how it looks on you.

For your breast implants to achieve the right proportion for your body, Dr. Schwartz will ensure that they:

  • Fit comfortably within the height and width of your chest.
  • Improve the shape and position of your breasts, not only the size.
  • Balance with the rest of your features for a pretty overall appearance.

Most bad breast augmentations you’ve seen are due to overly large implants. When Dr. Schwartz performs this procedure he absolutely pays attention to size but believes that a mere size increase should never replace their overall beauty and relationship to the rest of your body.

“Breast Augmentation Should Focus on Shape As Well As Size”

Most other plastic surgeons neglect to consider the shape of your breasts and how to improve the fullness in specific areas. Dr. Schwartz believes that pretty breasts are well-shaped breasts. This might mean recommending:

  • Saline instead of silicone.
  • A smaller size with more projection rather than large implants.
  • Round instead of anatomical (gummy bear) implants to add fullness.

The shape you want is out there, you just need to find a plastic surgeon who understands how to translate your preferences into a specific size, and shape, of implants. In many cases, patients are unhappy with the results of their breast augmentation because their plastic surgeon didn’t understand how to translate what they wanted into the best result.

“I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Schwartz’ work. Very personable and gives you exactly what you ask for. The outcome was better than I could have imagined. His staff is awesome too, I loved all of his nurses at his office and at the hospital as well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone for breast augmentation.” – Read more reviews by clicking here.

Finding the Right Size and Shape for You

Dr. Schwartz does not use bra inserts or misleading cup sizes to determine what you want. During your consultation, he will:

  • Establish a common vocabulary to understand your expectations for the procedure and ideal appearance.
  • Discuss your goals for breast augmentation at length.
  • Answer any questions that you have regarding the surgery or recovery.

At the end of your consultation, Dr. Schwartz will outline a plan for your breast augmentation that incorporates everything that you want to accomplish with surgery.

“Take Time to Consider Whether Breast Augmentation is Right for You”

Unlike other plastic surgeons, Dr. Schwartz values spending time with patients and encourages them to take the time to consider breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Schwartz does not follow the assembly line model of many plastic surgeons who want to get Dallas breast augmentation patients into surgery right after consultation. Dr. Schwartz realizes that breast augmentation is a serious decision and many women talk to friends, family, and their partners about before scheduling surgery. This unrushed approach to breast augmentation gives Dallas patients the confidence to make the right choice for them when they feel comfortable.   

Surgical Techniques That Speed Healing and Avoid Uncomfortable Symptoms

And unlike most other surgeons who bluntly tear open a space for the implant putting more emphasis on their time than your comfort, Dr. Schwartz uses a precise electrocautery technique that gently opens the implant pocket. This method may take a little longer in the operating room, but it is:

  • A more accurate way to create the exact size needed for the pocket.
  • Less prone to bleeding and swelling.
  • Faster and easier to heal.

In fact, Dr. Schwartz’s typical Dallas breast augmentation patient resumes her usual daily activities in 24 hours or less and can be back to work in three or four days. Most Dallas patients do not even bruise!

“Your Care Goes Beyond Surgical Treatment”

Dr. Schwartz values establishing a caring relationship with each of his patients. He favors establishing a positive doctor-patient relationship to impersonal, business-only conversations. Your breast augmentation surgeon is someone you should feel comfortable with and someone whose opinion you trust. Entrusting a plastic surgeon with your physical and emotional wellbeing should not be entered into lightly. This is why Dr. Schwartz grounds his practice and reputation on:

  • Ethical practices paired with exceptional surgical skill.
  • Providing you with the information you need to make the best possible decision.
  • Supporting your choices every step of the way.
  • Board certification and years of training.

There is no substitute for finding the right plastic surgeon. One who understands what you want and how to guide you to the best decision. And one who supports you through all steps from consultation to follow-up appointments.

Because pretty breasts—not just pretty big—are what we are after.  And that is the art of breast augmentation by Dr. Robert Schwartz.

Dallas patients should contact Dr. Schwartz’s office to schedule a breast augmentation consultation by filling out the form or calling 888-800-8300. We look forward to speaking with you!

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