Top Seven Reasons to Choose Dr. Schwartz

There are many qualified board-certified plastic surgeons to choose from in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But there are numerous very good reasons to trust Dr. Schwartz with your cosmetic surgery. Here are seven of the most compelling:


01 Better Consult

Patients often report that they walk away from their consultation with Dr. Schwartz feeling more informed and more confident about their procedure than they ever have before—even after consulting with multiple other doctors. That’s because Dr. Schwartz does a few key things very differently.

First of all, he doesn’t delegate the consult. Speaking face-to-face with the surgeon who will be performing your operation is the only way to ensure that you are on the same page.

Secondly, his consultations are longer than most doctors’. Dr. Schwartz’s consults last for an hour or however long it takes for you to get all of your questions answered.

Lastly, Dr. Schwartz listens. Instead of telling you what you already know about the procedures, Dr. Schwartz dedicates the consultation to finding out what your goals and concerns are. This emphasis on two-way communication between patient and doctor is more uncommon than you might think–even among experienced plastic surgeons. But no matter how many operations a doctor does, no two patients are ever alike. Establishing a shared vision for what you want to look like after your surgery is a vital part of every single operation–and the only way to do that is to listen to the patient.

02 More Affordable, No Compromises

Great cosmetic surgery is worth every single penny. There’s nothing that Dr. Schwartz hates more than seeing a patient receive inferior care because they couldn’t afford to see a skilled doctor. That’s why he accepts Care Credit financing for patients who wish to spread the costs of high quality plastic surgery over time. This way, you make excellent cosmetic surgery possible for your budget, instead of settling for less than the best.

03 Attentive, Knowledgeable Staff

Dr. Schwartz’s staff members are highly knowledgeable about all of the cosmetic surgery procedures he performs. This may seem commonplace, but unfortunately, it’s not. When you speak with anyone in Dr. Schwartz’s office, whether it’s the receptionist, the medical assistant or the nursing supervisor, they will be able to answer your question in a thorough and satisfying manner. Not only do they each have an in-depth understanding of what you can expect before, during and after your surgery, they also have access to a vast proprietary database of over 500 frequently asked questions and answers created by Dr. Schwartz himself.

Your peace of mind matters—and everyone at Dr. Schwartz’s practice is dedicated to ensuring that you get it.

04 The Utmost Regard for Safety

When it comes to the medical environment for the day of your surgery, your safety is the absolute number one priority. That’s why you’ll have your operation at an accredited, major hospital—not in a surgery suite or a doctor’s office. Plus, your anesthesia will be administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist, rather than a nurse anesthesiologist or some other less qualified attendant.

When it comes to your health and safety, there’s no excuse to cut corners. While Dr. Schwartz has never encountered a major complication during a cosmetic procedure, if such a circumstance ever does arise, you want the most qualified, most experienced medical professionals by your side at the best equipped facility.

05 Meticulous Surgery

Details are Dr. Schwartz’s specialty–and that’s where true beauty comes from.

Dr. Schwartz refuses to leave the operating room until everything is exactly the very best. He remains slavishly obsessed with the fine details no matter how long it takes to get it right. He’ll move extra carefully while sculpting a belly button during a tummy tuck. He goes through three or four rounds while testing breast implants in order to find the absolute best fit for your anatomy. He’ll spend an extra 20 minutes during a lipo to remove that last little bit of fat so your abs look rock hard. That kind of attention to detail, those thousands of artistic decisions made in the O.R. are what make the difference between a good cosmetic result and a great cosmetic result.

Simply put, plastic surgery is an art form–and your body is the canvas. You want a doctor who approaches the surgery as an artist would and won’t rest until everything is the best it can be.

06 After the Surgery, He’s Still Your Doctor

There are many talented plastic surgeons in Dallas who believe that their work day begins and ends in the operating room. But in spite of the job title, a plastic surgeon’s primary concern isn’t the surgery–it’s the patient. Dr. Schwartz understands that after your operation, you don’t want to be shoved off onto a call service or some lower level staff member who will address your ongoing concerns and questions. You want to talk to the man who performed your operation.

Dr. Schwartz personally sees every single patient for a thorough follow-up exam after your surgery. During this time, he ensures that the absolute optimum aesthetic results were achieved and determines if any touch-ups are needed. He patiently listens to your concerns with the same level of attentiveness as he did when you were a prospective patient at your initial consultation.

As a patient of Dr. Schwartz, you’ll also be given his personal cell phone number and email address so you can reach him directly. When you call at night or on the weekends, Dr. Schwartz picks up and answers your questions immediately.

07 Beautiful Results

All of the above culminate into the number one reason why you should see Dr. Schwartz: better results. While it’s important for patients to feel respected and understood, and it’s imperative that your surgeon is experienced and your operating facility is accredited, what matters at the end of the day and for years to come is how you look. And that’s why Dr. Schwartz goes the extra mile with regard to all of the aspects mentioned above. There’s a reason why he takes extra time to listen to the patient, to customize surgeries based on his patient’s body and goals, to fine tune in the operating room, seek out knowledgeable staff and operate in the finest facilities. It’s the results.

When entrusting your health, your appearance, your body in the hands of a surgeon, choose a doctor who takes pride in every procedure he performs. Choose a doctor who cares as much about his work, his reputation and his art form as he does about your looks. Choose a doctor who is heavily and unwaveringly dedicated to your cosmetic results. Choose Dr. Schwartz.