Buttock Augmentation for a 41-year-old Teacher with Both Implants and Fat*

Procedure Details

This 41-year-old teacher wanted more buttock volume and projection. She complained that as she had gotten more fit, she had lost some buttock size Her pants and dresses no longer fit properly and she felt less pretty. We discussed her goals and options for treatment. Though she had some fat available for transfer, there was not enough to give her the shape and size she wanted. Likewise, a buttock implant alone wasn't ideal because the lower parts of her buttocks were the flattest and needed the most enlargement. Intramuscular buttock implants can't be placed in the lowest part of the buttocks. So we planned to combine buttock implants and fat transfer. At surgery, Dr. Schwartz Vaser liposuctioned the upper and lower back. He injected the collected fat into both buttocks but mainly in the lower portions. He then placed 275cc silicone implants inside both gluteus maximus muscles (intramuscular gluteal augmentation.) These enlarged the upper buttocks. The result is smooth, rounded buttocks that look natural and have no sag.


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