Silicone Gel Breast Implants in a 19-year-old Dallas Student*

Procedure Details

Contrary to popular belief, you can get silicone gel breast implants even if you are under 22 years old. This 19-year-old Dallas student was unhappy with both the size and shape of her breasts. Her breasts were widely-spaced, asymmetric, and constricted. There were only about 1.5 inches of skin from her areolas to the bottom of her breasts. The patient wanted silicone gel breast implants because they produce aesthetically better results than saline breast implants. In her consult, Dr. Robert J. Schwartz agreed, that with her starting anatomy, saline implants would not deliver the results she wanted. The FDA recommends that silicone gel implants be placed in women 22-years-old and older but permits their use in younger women if the surgeon feels it's indicated. This is called "off-label" use and needs to be explained to the patient as part of the consent. That is what was done here. In surgery, Dr. Robert Schwartz internally released the constriction in the lower part of the breasts. He placed 400cc smooth, round, ultra-high profile silicone gel breast implants in both breasts . The breast implants were placed through infra mammary incisions and underneath the pec muscles. Her results pictured are 6 months following her breast augmentation surgery.


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