What are the different incisions that my surgeon can use in a breast augmentation and which approach is best?

There are four different strategies I can use in a breast augmentation procedure… and one that typically I recommend to Dallas patients.

Underneath the breast (inframmary incision): I make the inframmary incision in the crease of the breast where it meets the chest tissue. This provides a pocket for the implant behind the breast.

Through the nipple (periareolar incision): This incision goes around the outline of the areola (the area surrounding the nipple). I insert the breast implant through this incision.

Under the arm (transaxillary incision): In this approach, I create an incision in the fold of the armpit. Then, I insert the implant behind the breast using a pathway between the armpit and breast.

Through belly button (TUBA Incision): A TUBA Incision requires a cut near the navel into the fatty tissue layer. I guide an endoscope from the navel to the breast and create a pocket for the implant behind the nipple.

Of these incisions, I generally recommend the inframmary (breast crease) incision because of the advantages it offers. When I first began practicing plastic surgery, I believed each incision method was roughly equivalent. However, fifteen years of experience has revealed some significant advantages.

Though I am open to doing any of the above approaches, I have found that Dallas patients who have incisions underneath the breasts have the best outcome. I believe this approach hides scarring the best because the scars sit in both the shadow and the crease of the breasts. The inframmary approach also provides the fastest recovery and the lowest level of complications.

Just as important as any other factor, an incision below the breasts gives me the greatest control over their final shape. This direct approach helps me make subtle changes that provide the best outcomes, and it allows me to sculpt breasts that appear beautiful, natural, and well-proportioned to the body.

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