How Breast Augmentation with Fat Works

Full, pretty breasts and a beautiful contour along your hips and abdomen. For some women, creating the most attractive appearance possible means addressing multiple areas of the body. That’s why our practice offers Dallas patients breast augmentation with fat.

The procedure takes unwanted fat from your body and uses it to enlarge and shape your breasts without any implants. You gain natural-looking fullness while creating a smooth and slim contour in the area of your love handles or tummy. Learn below how the procedure works.


Breast augmentation with fat starts with liposuction, in which we’re collecting the fat that we will be transferring to your breasts. Liposuction also gives us the opportunity to reshape your body with a more attractive contour. Depending on the availability of donor material, we can target your hips, abdomen, or another part of your body.

Typically, I use the VASER® liposuction system but may also use micro cannula liposuction, depending on your needs. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, I will also offer VASER® Hi Def techniques to enhance muscle definition in the treated areas.

Fat Collection

During the procedure, I use a Filtron fat harvest device to make fat collection quicker and more reliable. Before the Filtron, breast augmentation with fat used to be a much more cumbersome process. We’d have an extra staff member in the operating room to wash, filter, and centrifuge the fat so that it would stay healthy for your augmentation. This added time and cost to the procedure.

Now, the Filtron device traps the fat in a sterile bag, and pure fat separates out. We draw the fat directly into injection syringes and it’s ready for use. The fat stays in a sealed system the entire time with minimal air exposure and minimal handling. This protects the delicate fat cells, which increases their survival and offers you better results.

Fat Injection

To give your breasts a natural, even, and attractive appearance, I use a specially designed cannula to insert many injections of very small amounts of fat. A careful process helps ensure high-quality results. Because big injections of fat may not survive, I move step-by-step, adding fat throughout the breasts and slowly increasing their size and developing their shape. All of the fat injections can usually be done through two or three tiny incisions, and there are virtually no scars from this procedure.

Breast augmentation with fat is usually done in our Dallas operating room with general anesthesia. You’ll go home the same day, and you can resume typical light daily activities within 24 hours. If you work in an office job, you should be able to return to your normal schedule within a few days.

In one single operating session, we can transform your appearance in a natural-looking and attractive way. Learn more about your options by contacting our practice.