Breast Implant Sizing III – The Great Implant Guess-A-Thon

Your plastic surgeon lays out a bunch of breast implants on the table in front of you. He asks you which size you like. You point to your favorite. That’s the implant he uses. Do you get the result you were hoping for? Not very likely.

I am stunned and amazed that anyone actually does this. Yet I see it on plastic surgery TV shows. And I’ve heard of it being done here in Dallas. It does not work.

You cannot choose a breast implant by looking at it.

It’s unreasonable for your plastic surgeon to expect you to choose your breast implants this way. You can’t tell what an implant will look like inside you by staring at it. Or touching it. Or squeezing it. Or whatever. I don’t care. This doesn’t work.

I’ve been doing breast augmentations for more than 10 years and I can’t fully predict how a particular implant will look in your breasts. Every woman’s breasts are different. Different size. Different shape. When you put implants in, they expand differently. And in different places. Implants that look great in your friend may look completely unnatural in you. Even though your breasts seem to be pretty similar.

Now, I can make a pretty good educated guess which implants will be best for you. Most of the time I’ll be right. But I don’t like to guess. Cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be guesswork.

So I don’t guess. I test every single time. I test to find the best implants for you – the ones that will give you the prettiest breasts.

I’ll explain how this testing method works in the next post.