Can I Get Other Procedures Done With My Facelift?

facelift-other-proceduresOften, when considering a facelift, there are other procedures you’d like to have done concurrently. Maybe you’re also looking to have your brow line lifted, remedy puffy eyelids, or have your skin resurfaced to help restore that youthful glow. Whatever the case, it’s very common to have multiple procedures on the face done together. Dallas facelift expert Dr. Robert Schwartz is also an expert in a variety of other cosmetic procedures and is happy to help get you started down the path to looking younger again.

Typical facial cosmetic procedures we perform with a facelift can include:

  •       Midface Lift: As opposed to a normal face lift, which is more focused on improving the lower jawline (jowl) or neck area, the midface lift works to address sagging present in the cheeks. As you age, fat that is normally centered above your cheekbones slips downward into the lower cheek area, causing a flat appearance to the face.
  •       Brow lift or Endoscopic Brow lift: With the passage of time, the pull of gravity can stretch your skin downward, creating a flat and heavy brow line. The brow lift corrects this and eliminates the fatigues look it produces by elevating your brow line.
  •       Eyelid Surgery: Used to correct the puffy heavy look to your eyelids that can occur with age. This procedure is commonly done with a facelift and/or brow lift depending on the specific nature of the issue to achieve optimum results.
  •       Fat Injections: Done to enhance facial shape and fullness, reduce acne scarring, smooth wrinkles and augment the lips by artfully injecting fat taken from other areas of your body.
  •       Face and/or Neck Liposuction: Getting rid of unwanted fat in these areas can be very difficult if not impossible with diet and exercise alone. Liposuction is the targeted removal of excess fat to achieve a tighter firmer appearance to these areas.
  •       Skin Resurfacing: Sun exposure, aging, and skin disorders can create irregularities on the face. Skin resurfacing helps remedy these through the selective removal of layers of skin and the stimulation of new healthy skin growth.


Whatever your particular needs are, rest assured that our number one goal is achieving the best possible results and helping you get back to feeling like yourself again. Call Dr. Robert Schwartz, your Dallas facelift expert today for a consultation.