Can implants and a breast lift be done together?

Implants Breast LiftThe most important thing to understand as you consider breast augmentation and/or a breast lift is what each procedure can address versus what your desired results are. Both procedures can be and often are performed together, but depending on the problem you want to correct, one or the other may be sufficient.

Do I need a breast lift?

Getting a breast augmentation alone may be enough to achieve your desired results in some cases. If the drooping of the breasts is mild, breast implants may be sufficient. Nipples still near the center of your breasts that don’t point downward can be one indicator of this. Another is if there is some visible skin beneath the nipple/areola when looking at your breasts straight on. If these signs are present, it is possible that a formal breast lift won’t be necessary to get the look you want.

We’ve found that breast lifts are needed much less frequently than many patients (and plastic surgeons) believe. By carefully matching our patients with the right breast implants, we have helped many women avoid the scars and added expense of a breast lift.

Do I need a size increase for my breasts?

In other cases, it is possible that a breast lift alone will solve the problems you want to correct. If the drooping of your breasts is moderate to severe, it’s possible that a breast lift will give you the look you want without the need for an increase in size.

Some indicators of this are if the nipples are at the bottom of your breasts or are pointing downward, and/or there is no visible skin under the nipple/areola when looking at your breasts straight on. If these signs are present or if you feel your areolas are too large, a breast lift without an augmentation may be the way to go.

Dallas breast augmentation expert Dr. Robert Schwartz will meet with you to determine if both implants and a breast lift are needed. If so, both procedures generally are performed together. Some things that create a need for separate procedures are if your breasts have marked asymmetry, very advanced sagging, or if you have health issues that would prevent a single-stage procedure. If the procedures must be separated, the wait time between stages is usually three to six months.

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