Can Liposuction Cure Your Cankles?

It’s never made Merriam-Webster, but other online dictionaries will tell you that a “cankle” is “a thick ankle, particularly one that appears to be a continuation of the calf.” And while the term may be meant to amuse, having cankles is no laughing matter for many women.

Some women are genetically predisposed to have more fat in their legs and ankles; adding to the frustration is the fact that fatty deposits in the ankles are among the most resistant to diet and exercise.

So, is it possible to treat the fat in ankles with liposuction? Yes, it is. We do this procedure all the time, and have had great success with it. But it’s not for everyone with cankles.

For example, in some cases it’s the bone structure, not fat, that is responsible for the appearance of the ankles. In other cases, a woman simply has muscular calves. And finally, sometimes the appearance is caused by swelling that is the result of a medical condition. All of these possibilities must be ruled out before considering ankle liposuction.

But if the problem is excess fat, liposuction can give your ankle the attractive, natural appearance you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that ankle liposuction is among the more complex liposuctions to perform, because ankles are mostly bone and muscle rather than skin and fat. It is also critical to avoid damaging the veins in the ankle. This means that if you opt for this procedure, you should definitely choose a board-certified plastic surgeon.