Correcting Breast Implants that Fall to the Side When Lying Down

breast-implantsAfter a breast augmentation procedure, you may find yourself feeling self-conscious, scrutinizing your new breasts and wondering if they have really turned out the way you wanted. There are also issues that can arise post-operation to alter the appearance of your new breasts. The combination of these things can give rise to worries that all is not as it should be and that a breast implant revision may be necessary.

Dallas Breast Revision Patients Ask: How do I know if treatment is necessary?

One common perception is that your implants are falling to the side when you lie down, but this isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. Try to recall the way your breasts naturally fell prior to your implants. Natural breasts fall to the side when a woman lies down as well, so this lateral displacement of implants doesn’t always mean that treatment is required.

The first step in determining whether a breast revision is needed is determining the cause of the falling implants.

Most often, this happens because the implant pocket is overextending to one side due to pressure on the implant from the pectoral muscle. If this occurs, it can be treated through capsulorrhaphy – a procedure in which the outer part of the implant pocket is tightened with sutures.

Another possible cause is that the breast skin has simply stretched, allowing for the movement. In this case, a breast lift can often provide improvement.

It is important to note that if you have not yet had your breast augmentation procedure to ask Dr. Schwartz about how he performs surgery differently to avoid these potential problems in the first place.

If you have had your procedure and you suspect abnormal falling of your breast implants when lying down, consult with Dr. Schwartz. Whether or not a breast revision is needed, you can partner together to find the best solution.

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