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Cosmetic surgery can change your life in a positive way, fulfilling your vision of what your appearance should be. It is a way of unleashing your potential and giving you a boost in self-confidence. Frequently our patients ask, and we find our practice educating patients that plastic surgery is considered elective unless it is considered medically necessary. As a result, health insurance policies do not usually cover the expenses that are a part of this type of surgery. We understand that when you opt to have plastic surgery, you are making an investment in yourself. Your happiness is worth the expense.

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Cosmetic surgery insurance is a special kind of insurance policy that covers certain complications for all patients for up to 45 days following their procedure. CosmetAssure is exclusively available to members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and an Alliance Partner of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

At Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery CosmetAssure comes standard with all cosmetic procedures. While Dr. Schwartz has a <1% revision rate within 21 years of practice, in any given situation a complexity can arise as a result of surgery. CosmetAssure covers any additional medical expenses that may arise after your cosmetic procedure. If there are complications, cosmetic surgery insurance will take care of expenses for additional procedures. At Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery we want you to have peace of mind to know that you will not have to face an unexpected financial burden should anything in your surgery or recovery does not go according to plan.

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When you schedule your cosmetic consultation and as you prepare for your upcoming cosmetic procedure, our surgical consultants will review your insurance policy in detail with you. Should you have any questions about CosmetAssure, please contact our office at 972.498.4385

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