Facelift Photos

facelift-browlift-163010.jpgThis 49-year-old complained that her face had changed dramatically in the last few years. Her once-prominent cheekbones were gone. She had developed jowls along her jawline and loose skin on her neck. She thought she looked tired and older than she actually was.

A standard facelift would flatten her cheeks even more – exactly the opposite of what we wanted. Instead, I did a three-level facelift to rejuvenate and restore her facial shape.

I started with an Endotine midface lift. This returned the sagging cheek tissues back up onto the cheekbones. Next, I suture tightened the lower facial fat to eliminate the jowls.

The final step was a gentle skin tightening through a modified facelift incision. This is unlike the forceful skin pulling done in conventional facelifts. Because we have already raised the cheek tissues and tightened the fat, I don’t need to pull hard on the skin to try to move those deeper structures. All that’s needed a conservative skin removal to get of any looseness on the cheeks and neck.

After healing, she looks younger and prettier. The result looks natural – not operated.