How Breast Augmentation with Fat Works

We recently introduced breast augmentation with fat to Dallas. The obvious beauty of this procedure is that it lets you take fat from unwanted places and use it to enlarge your breasts — without any implants. Your breasts get bigger while your love handles, tummy, etc. get smaller.

In this post I’ll explain how the procedure works. There are three steps:


This step has two equally important purposes. The first and obvious goal is to collect the fat that I will transfer to your breasts. The second (and often overlooked) purpose is to precisely contour the area being suctioned.  We’re looking not just to enhance the breasts, but to dramatically improve the appearance of each area that’s donating the fat. The fat areas should not be treated as just harvest sites; they should be contoured carefully and precisely.

I typically use the Vaser system for this but may also use micro cannula liposuction depending on your specific needs. If you are a good candidate, I will also use Vaser Hi Def techniques to enhance muscle definition in the treated areas.

Fat Collection

This used to be a really cumbersome process that involved washing, filtering, and centrifuging the fat. It usually required an extra person in the operating room just to perform these tasks.  These steps added a lot of time and cost to the procedure. Also, all this processing increased the risk that the fat would get contaminated or dry out.

Tissu-Trans fat harvest device I now use has made fat collection quicker and more reliable.  The Tissu-Trans connects to the liposuction machine and traps the fat in a sterile bag. The pure fat separates out in the device. It does not need to be processed. Instead, it’s drawn directly into injection syringes from the Tissu-Trans and is ready for use. The fat stays in a sealed system the entire time with minimal air exposure and minimal handling. This protects the delicate fat cells, increasing their survival and improving the outcome.

Fat Injection

Once loaded into syringes, the pure fat is ready for injection. I use a specially designed injection cannula to transfer the fat to the breasts. It’s critical here to use many injections of very small amounts of fat. Big globs of fat won’t survive. Instead, we step by step add little bits of fat throughout the breasts slowly sculpting them up to the desired size and shape. This takes a little longer but improves fat survival and ultimately gives you a better result. All of the fat injections can usually be done through 2 0r 3 tiny puncture incisions. There are virtually no breast scars from this procedure.

The fat transfer breast augmentation is usually done in our Dallas operating room with general anesthesia. Patients go home the same day and can resume usual light daily activities within 24 hours. Return to work is a few days for office jobs.