How Soon Will I See My Plastic Surgery Results?

How soon will my ______ be healed? Fill in the blank with breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift or most any other cosmetic surgery procedure and you get one of the all-time most popular consultation questions.

Here is Schwartz’s rule of thumb for plastic surgery results:

• You’ll see 75% of your result one month after surgery

• You’ll see 90% of your result two months after surgery

• You’ll see your absolute, complete, finished result 6-12 months after surgery

As an example, here’s how this would work for a tummy tuck:

1 Month – Most of your swelling is gone. You can clearly see a flatter, firmer abdomen but everything still feels a little tight and a little stiff.

2 Months – Virtually all the swelling is gone. Your skin and deeper tissues have softened too so the result doesn’t just look more natural – it feels more natural too. Typically, you have results you can show off at this point.

6-12 Months – The complete result is in. It’s not wildly different from what you saw at two months but it is noticeably better. Your abdomen feels normal to the touch. That last little bit of swelling is gone. Your scars have faded significantly, too.

Of course, each of us is unique and is going to heal somewhat differently. Still, I’ve found that these guidelines are usually fairly accurate with my patients.