Is It Normal to Have a Sore Throat After My Facelift?

facelift-surgeryAs with any surgical procedure, the natural reaction of many when thinking about a facelift is to give in to worry. The truth is, the facelift has been around for a long time, and, in the hands of a trained professional like Dallas facelift expert Dr. Robert Schwartz, you have very little to worry about.

Dr. Schwartz prides himself in not just the quality of his work but of his practice as a whole. From the initial consultation through post-operative care, attention is paid to every detail, because his relationship with you is personal. You’re trusting him with your face – your very identity – and he takes that very seriously. We make every effort to ensure you have an experience free from worry and complication, and any post-procedural issues are typically very minor.

One fairly common occurrence after a facelift is a sore throat. Generally speaking, this isn’t anything to be alarmed about. Post-procedural sore throats can happen simply as a result of the tube your anesthesiologist will use to help you breathe during your operation. Somewhat more common in women than men, post-procedure throat soreness is usually mild and will go away on its own in a few days. Should you experience a more severe or lasting sore throat, don’t worry – Dr. Schwartz is only a phone call away to assist you.

If you’re considering a facelift, know that you couldn’t be in better hands than those of Dallas facelift expert Dr. Robert Schwartz. Call him today to schedule a consultation.