Keys to a Great Tummy Tuck II – The Belly Button

Your belly button can make or break your tummy tuck. It’s right there dead center on your abdomen and if it doesn’t look good, your tummy tuck will be obvious.

So what’s a good belly button?

Your navel should curve in gracefully. It can have a variety of shapes (take a look at some pictures of models if you don’t believe me) but it should be “belly button” sized. Scarring should be as invisible as possible.

The Typical Tummy Tuck Belly Button

And this is where most tummy tucks fail. The standard tummy tuck technique keeps all of your old belly button and sews it back to your newly tightened abdominal skin. Not so good.

First of all, this method leaves a circular scar around the outside of the belly button. That scar is a dead giveaway that you’ve had a tummy-tuck.

Even worse, the belly button has an unnatural sharp edge around it just inside the scar. It doesn’t slope in gradually; it suddenly drops off like the edge of a cliff.

A Better Belly Button