Resuming your Exercise Routine After Breast Augmentation in Dallas

ExerciseIf you’re considering breast augmentation, chances are you take pride in caring for your appearance. Part of that care may include a regular exercise routine. Here are some helpful tips and guidelines to help get you back on track as you recover from surgery.

How soon can I start working out again after my breast augmentation?

With any fitness routine, a good balance between cardiovascular and weight training activities is important. At three weeks after your operation, you can resume low-impact cardio exercises, such as the use of elliptical trainers (without the arms), stair climber machines, and cycling, as long as bouncing type motions are avoided.

For weight training, three weeks post-operation is a good time to begin easing back into your normal routine, starting with less weight than you did previously when doing exercises that use your upper body and gradually working your way back up. At the six-week mark, you should be able to resume high-impact cardio like running as well as high-stretch activities like Yoga and Pilates.

The most important thing is to avoid overstimulation of the pectoral muscles to allow for proper healing. A good sports bra should also be worn during all workouts post-operation to help prevent further complications.

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