Round vs. Shaped Breast Implants

Round vs. Shaped Breast Implants

Advances in breast augmentation techniques and technology can often provide more beautiful and natural-looking results. However, Dr. Schwartz encourages his Dallas patients to consider their choices based on the best information possible. Take the case of round and shaped breast implants. Round implants have a spherical diameter and an adaptable form. Shaped implants have a thicker design and a teardrop form. Some patients become interested in shaped breast implants because they look similar to their ideal breast shape. However, this may not have a big impact on the results of the breast augmentation.

Why the Shape of Your Breast Implants May Not Matter

Some Dallas patients are under the misconception that the appearance of their breasts after surgery will depend on the shape of the breast implants. In reality, the size of the implants makes a much bigger difference.

Whether you get round or shaped implants, the base of the implant will sit at the bottom of the breast. This flattens the implant's base somewhat and pushes the fill material upward and to the sides. As you increase the size of the implant, its edges will extend towards the sides and upper slope of the breast regardless of shape. For this reason, most patients will see fullness in the same locations.

Dr. Schwartz Typically Recommends Round Breast Implants

Round breast implants offer three significant advantages over shaped implants:

1. Affordability.

In general, Dallas patients can expect to pay less for round breast implants than for shaped implants.

2. More options for the implant style.

Round implants can have either a smooth or textured surface, but shaped implants must have a textured surface. This is to keep them from changing position in the breast implant pocket. Some women will benefit from a textured implant, but others will not get as pretty and natural-looking a result.

3. No risk with reorientation.

Implants may rotate as women heal from their breast augmentation surgery. This isn't a problem for round implants since they keep the same appearance. However, shaped implants may not look as attractive if they move out of position. The textured surface helps prevent this, but it is an additional risk.

The Case for Shaped Breast Implants

Despite the factors described above, Dr. Schwartz will recommend shaped breast implants for Dallas patients who have a specific body style. This includes women who have very tall, thin frames and long, narrow chests.

Women who have this type of body tend to have a long distance between their collarbone and the top of their breasts. As a result, their breasts seem to sit lower on their body, which gives the appearance of sagging. Shaped breasts implants raise the transition point between the top of the chest and the breast in a subtle way, giving a softer, more youthful aesthetic. Dr. Schwartz can discuss this approach with you as well as other techniques he may use in your procedure.

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