The #1 Lie Other Plastic Surgeons Tell You About Breast Augmentation

breast-augmentation-liesYou’ve finally decided to get a breast augmentation to increase your self confidence. You know exactly how you want to look and have given serious thought to the shape and size of your new breasts. The day you walk into the exam room of one of the other plastic surgeons and tell him your ideal size, he looks at you like you’re crazy.

He starts telling you how the size you want is too small. You’re underestimating, he says. You don’t really understand how large, or small, your breasts will look after surgery. You leave your consultation upset, condescended, and second guessing yourself. Are you wrong?

You are not wrong, the other plastic surgeons are wrong. Too many Dallas patients come to me with stories of how other plastic surgeons tried to talk them into larger implants. I’ve even attended conferences where other plastic surgeons talk bluntly about how they ignore Dallas patients and go bigger than what they want.

How about talking to the Dallas patient and finding out what she wants? If your plastic surgeon doesn’t try that, then walk out the door immediately.

How a Good Plastic Surgeon Approaches Breast Augmentation

The shape and size of your breasts are personal choices. As part of a consultation, it’s my job to understand the exact size and shape that you want by finding a common language. Cup size is inaccurate and varies significantly. Bra inserts also give you an incurate picture of the final result, like trying on a dress by holding it up to your body.

I use a careful method and in-depth discussion to determine your ultimate goals and help fulfill them by:

  • Reviewing photographs
  • Analyzing what you like in terms of shape, balance, and proportion
  • Measuring the dimensions of your chest to arrive at the best option for your body.

It’s my job to help you understand how different options will look, not make the choice of shape, size, and style of implant for you.

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