The Art Of The Invisible Tummy Tuck

Depositphotos_38934391_originalWould you go out wearing a t-shirt that says “Proud To Have A Tummy Tuck” on it? Ask a thousand women and you’ll probably get a resounding “No” every time. It’s not that having a Tummy Tuck is anything to be ashamed of – whether due to pregnancy or weight loss, excess skin left by the stretching of the abdomen will resist even the mightiest efforts of diet and exercise.

Dallas tummy tuck patients just want to look and feel like themselves again. This is why Dr. Schwartz goes above and beyond traditional methods to accomplish that. Simply and honestly you, without evidence of surgery to get in your way.

Dallas Tummy Tuck Surgery: A Smarter Approach

You are an individual. So why do so many plastic surgeons utilize the same exact approach when performing a tummy tuck on different people? Most dismiss noticeable scarring as an inevitability and forge ahead through the procedure. Often, this leaves a hip-to-hip scar across the abdomen that goes well above the bikini line on both sides and a tell-tale ring scar around the belly button.

Dr. Schwartz doesn’t believe in simply trading one aesthetic issue for another. In his customized approach to your tummy tuck, he will:

  • Consider your unique physiology and develop a skin pattern ideally suited to you
  • Examine you in your bathing suit, if necessary, to ensure no scars will be visible
  • Utilize a technique he invented to give you a natural looking belly button with the scar hidden inside

Getting a tummy tuck is about more than a simple removal of extra skin – it’s about a reclamation of self. After your procedure with Dr. Schwartz, you’ll be able to wear what you want in confidence, knowing all people see when they look at you is YOU.

If you’re eager to get back to a trimmer, more confident you, Dallas tummy tuck expert Dr. Robert Schwartz is ready to help. Call RS Plastic Surgery at 888.800.8300 today to schedule a consultation.