Three Things Most Plastic Surgeons Get Wrong During Your Breast Augmentation

plastic-surgery-mistakesEach year in the U.S. over a quarter-million women get breast augmentation. Most of their plastic surgeons have done at least one thing better. Because the procedure is popular and desired, a lot of unqualified plastic surgeons are performing breast augmentation. The result is that women need to get revisions or remove their implants due to sagging, scarring, or changing their implant size.

First Mistake: Placing Implants Over the Muscle

Women who get implants often have sagging as well. If they don’t, then getting implants placed over the muscle will cause them to sag. Placing implants over the muscle will add weight to the breasts, making sagging worse. As time goes on the skin around your implant will sag more and more while your implant stays firm.

How to avoid: Make sure the surgeon places your implants under the muscle.

Second Mistake: Limiting Implant Choices

There are over 800 types of implants available to give you the size, shape, and feel that works best for your body. Guess how many most surgeons use? Five: usually smooth, round, or moderate profile between 300-400 CC’s. Even more important is that you cannot determine how an implant interacts with a woman’s body during a consultation. A good plastic surgeon chooses the best implant for your desired result.

How to avoid: Ask your surgeon how breast implants are chosen and how many options there are.

Third Mistake: Going Through the Underarm

All women getting breast augmentation want the least visible scars. Then why do some surgeons prefer going through the underarm? It leaves a much more visible scar than a scar under your breast. Going through your armpit is not even the best way to place an implant. There is a lot of room for error because it’s far from the pocket and results in your implant sitting too high.

How to avoid: Talk to your surgeon about scarring and request that he goes through the breast for better results.

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