What Problems Can Breast Implant Revision Correct?

breast-implant-revisionProblems with breast implants can be upsetting and undermine both your self-image and your active lifestyle. On the other hand, maybe you just want to change the type of your implants or desire a different look. Whatever the case, Dallas breast revision patients can correct a wide variety of issues.

Common problems that can be addressed with breast implant revision:

  •       Ruptured implants: ruptures can occur for a variety of reasons, but can cause problems such as pain, soreness, swelling, and changes in the appearance, size, shape, and feel of the affected breast.
  •       Poor positioning: while not hazardous to your health, incorrectly placed implants can leave you feeling self-conscious and dissatisfied. Poorly placed implants can cause your breasts to look disproportionate, unnatural and can cause undesirable drooping and sagging.
  •       Capsular contracture: after implants are placed in your breast, a layer of fibrous tissue, referred to as a capsule, forms around them. Normally, this capsule is large enough to allow movement of the implants, however, it can become thicker and constrictive, causing hardening, abnormal rounding, and raising of the breasts.
  •       Double-bubble deformities: either occurring over time due to pregnancy, weight-loss, or gravity, or because of a very sharp natural crease in your breasts, double-bubble deformities are generally indicated by sagging of natural breast tissue while implants remain at normal level or the appearance of a bulge below the new post-surgical crease.
  •       Synmastia: a pulling away of skin from the breast bone due to implant pockets that were created too close to the midline of the chest. This results in the breasts looking like a single unit taking up the whole chest. This is also commonly referred to as “bread loafing”.
  •       Implant size changes: as with poor implant positioning, incorrect sizing can cause abnormalities in the look and feel of your breasts, leaving you feeling dissatisfied and self-conscious. You may also simply have decided you would prefer larger or smaller breasts.
  •       Changes in implant type: while both saline and silicone implants have an outer silicone shell, there are differences in the consistency of the filler in each. Silicone implants are generally considered to look and feel more like natural breast tissue.
  •       Subglandular/submuscular position changes: depending on the size of your implants, your lifestyle, and other factors, each implant position offers different benefits. For example, women who are very active tend to prefer subglandular implants, as they are more comfortable during sports activities or while exercising.


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