What size breast augmentation is right for me?


I advise Dallas patients that the right breast augmentation size is one that:

  • Fits your frame. Each person has a different shape, and the “best” results are those that look like a natural extension of your body.
  • Is proportionate to you. The breasts should be balanced with your hips, waist, and other physical attributes.
  • Accounts for who you are and the life you want to lead. No one size accomplishes this for every patient.

Instead, I talk with Dallas patients about what they want to achieve, and I sculpt beautiful breasts that meet their personal goals.


As a surgeon, I use an exacting three-step method to determine the right size implant to use in breast augmentation procedures.

First, I take detailed measurements of the existing breasts to determine the volume and space that is available. This determines the range of implant sizes that will work with your anatomy.

Second, we conduct a photographic review. By reviewing specific photos together, I learn your specific likes and dislikes and we develop a specific shared plan for your surgery. It’s critical that we have the same end goal in mind.

Third, I take time during surgery to use test implants so that I can see how your breasts will look after the procedure. This takes away the “guess work” and helps me determine the very best implants to give you the prettiest breasts possible.

You should expect the same thorough, exacting process for your breast augmentation procedure so that you can have the most attractive and natural-looking results possible. To learn more, contact Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery.