Who is a Candidate For a Facelift?

facelift-candidateThe decision to get a facelift is definitely a personal one. More than what anyone else thinks or what you see when you compare yourself to those around you, the real question is whether you are happy with your face or not.

Perhaps your friends and family think you still look quite young, but you personally don’t agree. In the end, it’s your life. If you feel like your face just doesn’t reflect the person you are inside like it once did, you aren’t alone, but the good news is Dallas facelift expert Dr. Robert Schwartz is here to help.

So what are some signs that you might be a good candidate for a facelift? Really most men and women who are starting to notice signs of sagging in the face are usually eligible. Typical indicators include things like loose skin along your neck, jowls along your jaw line, and deepening of the creases that run from the corners of your mouth to your nose. Signs can also appear in the form of a gradual reshaping of your face due to slippage of the tissue pads that cover your cheekbones down into your lower cheeks. This gives your cheeks a bonier and less prominent appearance and causes your lower face to look heavier and fatigued. As more time passes, your face can lose dimension and appear flatter and more square.

Is age a factor?

Much more than age, a variety of other factors determine when you will begin seeing these kinds of changes in your face. Your bone structure, skin type, weight, general health, and other things can all play a role in this. That said, most people start to show these signs of aging some time in their forties. Although facelifts are typically done on men and women aged from forty to sixty, age isn’t considered a limiting factor by itself. Dr. Schwartz has performed successful facelifts on people as young as their early thirties and well into their eighties.

Don’t let age get you down! If you’re considering a facelift, Dallas expert Dr. Robert Schwartz is eager to hear from you! Call today for a consultation.