Your Breasts Should Be Beautiful – Not Just Bigger

More Than Just A Matter Of Size

In today’s society, it seems the prevailing notion is that bigger is the way to go – a bigger wedding, a bigger house, a bigger boat and on it goes. It’s no surprise that this pattern of thinking has worked its way into a woman’s opinion of her breasts as well, amplifying already-troublesome feelings that what you’ve been given by nature just doesn’t cut it.


At RS Plastic Surgery, we believe that Dallas breast augmentation patients understand that having beautiful breasts is about more than size. We want our patients to feel pretty and see more than size, but an elegant shape. This is why we’re committed to achieving that perfect balance of shape and size that is unique to each woman – unique to you.

Dallas Breast Augmentation: The RS Plastic Difference

Not all women are the same – a fact that’s obvious enough – so why do so many plastic surgeons act like it? As soon as the words “breast augmentation” come out of your mouth, some doctors immediately think bigger and stop listening to everything else you have to say. Dr. Schwartz believes that most augmentations go wrong during the initial consultation. This is why, during your consultation, he will:

  • Treat you as an individual, not a template or a task to be completed
  • Take the time to not just hear but understand your aesthetic goals and concerns
  • Partner with you to craft a custom treatment plan to achieve your goals and compliment your own natural beauty
  • Help determine which shape is right for your body to make you look and feel pretty

The solid foundation of trust that is built through this helps ensure not only a successful outcome but also your comfort and peace of mind from start to finish.

If you want breasts that aren’t just bigger but truly beautiful, Dallas breast augmentation expert Dr. Robert Schwartz can get you there. Call RS Plastic Surgery at 888.800.8300 today to schedule a consultation.