Breast Augmentation Surgeon Dallas

Every breast augmentation is different, and it follows that every breast augmentation is unique to the patient. But when plastic surgeons aspire to one ideal of beauty your look gets bogged down in a sea of similarity. In short, every detail matters and Dallas patients should have breast implants that:

  • Suite their body type.
  • Are shaped based on what they want.
  • Balance desired size with anatomical limitations.

When considered from this perspective the discussion of breast implants focuses on the patient’s ideals rather than what the doctor prescribes.

Dr. Schwartz believes that every patient deserves pretty breasts. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with two decades of experience, Dr. Schwartz has developed techniques to provide patients with the results they want.

Why More Choices Mean the Right Fit for Patients

There are more than 800 different breast implant styles available to plastic surgeons. Aside from surgical skills, your plastic surgeon translates the conversation at your initial consultation into the size, shape, and style of breast implants that you want.

Dr. Schwartz does not rely on one company to provide breast implants for his Dallas patients. Instead, he keeps hundreds of options available to find just the right fit for your body type. After you communicate the shape, size, and profile you have in mind, Dr. Schwartz will spend time considering the implant that best matches your vision.

What Will I Be Asked During My Consultation?

A consultation allows you to openly express your feelings about the perfect size, shape, and appearance of your breasts. We understand that it can be difficult to talk about areas of your body that make you self-conscious. In our office, we create a safe and respectful environment to  seek the medical treatment you need for a problem that you find important.

With this approach in mind, Dr. Schwartz will go through a thorough examination including:

  • Taking detailed measurements of your chest and breasts.
  • Outlining a range of possible sizes based on your anatomical limits and goals.
  • How your new breast size will affect your overall proportions.

From that baseline, you will discuss exactly what you’d like to change and how Dr. Schwartz can help. The total time for the appointment normally takes an hour or two, but you will walk out with a clear idea of what surgery will be like and how you will look after recovery.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Consultation

A breast augmentation involves an exact understanding of what you want to change about your breasts and how you want them to look after surgery. To prepare for your consultation, some of the questions you may want to ask yourself are:

  • What is my ideal size and shape?Different styles of breast implants provide Dallas patients with different results. A high profile creates more projection, but a low profile tends to fill in areas for a subtle difference.
  • What credentials are important for my breast augmentation surgeon?Select a board-certified plastic surgeon who makes you feel comfortable and confident about the procedure. If anything feels off about the initial consultation, you should take that as an indication not to have that plastic surgeon perform your breast augmentation. Remember that you can always walk out of the consultation.
  • Am I ready for surgery?Breast augmentation surgery is a safe procedure, but you will need to take time to heal. The average time out of work is only 3 days but other activities such as going to the gym and playing sports will be limited. Most patients are surprised at how easy your recovery from a breast augmentation is.

Dr. Schwartz encourages his patients to talk through these questions with him during an initial consultation and extend that discussion to friends and family that have your wellbeing at heart. This will provide you with a balanced perspective of the pros and cons of surgery.

How Do I Choose the Most Qualified Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Dallas?

After twenty years in practice and having performed 3,000 breast augmentations, Dr. Schwartz has developed an eye for proportion and the expertise needed to find the right type of implant for your body type. His commitment to providing quality care and exceptional results for patients has led to a reputation for excellence that draws patients from Dallas throughout the United States to his practice.

To schedule your initial consultation with Dallas breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Schwartz, call (888) 800-8300 to schedule a consultation.