How to Recover Faster After Your Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation DallasIf you’re like most of Dr. Schwartz’s breast augmentation patients in Dallas, you’ll want to enjoy the results of your procedure as soon as possible. Here are some of his recommendations for a faster, safer, and more comfortable recovery.

Take Medication as Necessary

During their consultation with Dr. Schwartz, a lot of patients ask about the level of pain they may experience after their breast augmentation. Most are surprised at how much more manageable their recovery is than they expected. This is due in part to Dr. Schwartz’s experience with the procedure and his expertise in advanced surgical methods.

Some of his Dallas patients describe the feeling like hitting the gym for a three-hour workout, all focused on muscles that weren’t used to heavy exercise. You can anticipate tightness and soreness after your breast augmentation, but you shouldn’t have terrible discomfort.

Dr. Schwartz usually recommends that patients take pain medication to reduce the worst of their symptoms. This is adequate for most women who have the surgery, but if you find that you are still having serious pain—or if you are concerned about anything related to your recovery—Dr. Schwartz encourages you to contact his practice.

Give Yourself Time to Heal

Because of the state-of-the-art techniques that Dr. Schwartz uses, it’s entirely possible that you’ll feel pretty good a few days after your breast augmentation. You shouldn’t be bedridden following the procedure, and most Dallas patients don’t need a lengthy recuperation.

Mentally, you’ll know that you should take it easy. You’ve just had an operation, after all. However, you also will have just gotten the body that you’ve always wanted, and you may be tempted to celebrate by going out with friends or going dancing.

Dr. Schwartz advises you not to do too much too soon after breast augmentation. Taking part in rigorous activity before your body is ready can lead to serious problems:

  • Raising your blood pressure or putting a strain on your surgical sites increases your chance of bleeding or getting an infection.
  • You may experience capsular contracture. This complication causes your breasts to tighten around your implants, producing an unnatural shape and feel.
  • One of your implants may move out of position, giving your breasts an asymmetrical appearance.

For all of these reasons and more, you should follow Dr. Schwartz’s advice and take it easy until he lets you know that the time is right.

Keep to the Schedule

During your consultation and checkup visits, Dr. Schwartz will give you a timeline for returning to your normal daily activities. For most of his Dallas patients, common milestones in recovering from breast augmentation are:

  • Getting back their full range of motion.
  • Increasing their cardio workout.
  • Restarting their weightlifting program.

Introducing these activities on a gradual basis will lower your risk of complications. As a result, you can expect more predictable, attractive, and natural-looking results and a safer recovery.

Dallas patients can learn more about their post-procedure care by scheduling an initial consultation with Dr. Schwartz. Call (888) 800-8300