Nipple Hypersensitivity After Breast Augmentation

nipple-sensitivity-after-breast-augmentationOne of the questions our Dallas breast augmentation patients ask is whether post-operation nipple hypersensitivity is normal. After the procedure, nipples can sometimes feel tingly, or raw, due to temporary nerve irritation. The good news is that it isn’t a cause for alarm.

Will the hypersensitivity go away?

The sensitivity resolves on its own and usually does so within a few weeks of the procedure though it can sometimes take longer. Thankfully, there are several simple things you can do to get relief while you wait for your new breasts to get acclimated.

How can I reduce discomfort and sensitivity?

To help reduce discomfort caused by nipple hypersensitivity, you can begin taking Motrin as soon as two weeks after your operation. Avoid wearing rough or coarse fabrics, such as wool, on the areas covering your nipples. This can help reduce the chance for further irritation of the already-sensitive skin. The soft silicone nipple covers carried by stores that sell apparel and other products for nursing can also be helpful in preventing additional irritation, but even the use of simple band aids to cover your nipples can be effective.

In short, while it’s common for some patients to experience nipple hypersensitivity following their breast augmentation procedure, it is not something to be feared. The simple methods above can help reduce discomfort while your body adjusts, and, remember, Dr. Schwartz is just a phone call away should the hypersensitivity persist or if you have additional concerns.

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