Breast Implant Removal Dallas

Following breast augmentation, you should expect fuller, perkier, and prettier breasts. However, some patients are not satisfied with the decisions that their surgeon made during the procedure, while others experience unwanted changes in the look or feel of their breasts years down the line.

Breast implant removal offers Dallas patients an opportunity to resolve these issues. Dr. Schwartz conducts the procedure with the same high level of skill, precision, and artistry as he brings to every surgery. Whether your aim is to remove your implants entirely or to replace them for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, the procedure can help you have a natural-looking and attractive result.    

Why Patients Consider Breast Implant Removal

When Dr. Schwartz conducts a breast augmentation, he spends an extensive amount of time in consultation with Dallas patients learning their goals and planning their procedure based on their individual needs. He considers the shape, position, and size of the breasts and how implants will change the patient’s proportions before recommending an approach.

Not every surgeon brings this level of care to his procedures, and some patients come to Dr. Schwartz after they’ve received an unsatisfactory augmentation from another practitioner. Other patients were initially happy with their results only to experience changes that altered the look or feel of their breasts. As examples, Dallas patients may choose breast implant removal because:

  • Their breasts are not symmetrical.
  • The breasts don’t have a perky, full, and beautiful shape.
  • Their breasts are too large.
  • The implant is in the wrong place.
  • The implant has become visible through the skin’s surface.
  • The implant has leaked

Dr. Schwartz can resolve each of these concerns to restore the breasts in a natural-looking, pretty way.

Causes That Lead to Breast Implant Removal

If you are considering breast implant removal, it’s important to know what may have led to an unsatisfactory result after your previous surgery. Here are some of the factors that Dr. Schwartz may evaluate:

  • The size and placement of your implants. The implants should add the right amount of volume and complement—not distort—the shape of your breasts.
  • The size of the breast pocket. The previous surgeon’s technique may have created too much room, allowing the implants to shift out of place.
  • The type of implant. Saline implants may not have provided the look and feel that you expected, and you may prefer silicone implants instead.
  • The changes in your body, such as aging, which may have caused your skin to sag. As a result, the implant may have moved out of position or become visible through the skin.
  • Capsular contracture. Constriction around the implant can make the breast tissue feel hard and appear unnatural. Choosing and placing implants correctly helps avoid this concern.
  • In some rare cases, implants may rupture, and removing them may be necessary for aesthetics and safety.

With some of these concerns, Dallas patients may not require breast implant removal. Alternative procedures can adjust the implant pocket or lift the breast to correct problems. In other cases, Dr. Schwartz will recommend that you remove and replace the implants to get the results that you want, possibly combining this approach with another revising procedure.

What to Expect with Breast Implant Removal

One of the complicating factors with treatment is that patients rarely know everything about their previous surgery. Dallas patients choose Dr. Schwartz because he can assess circumstances during procedures, remove implants in a minimally invasive way, and use a range of techniques to achieve the results they desire.

Breast implant removal is an outpatient procedure that usually takes place under general anesthesia administered by a board-certified physician anesthesiologist. As part of your treatment, Dr. Schwartz will use precise tools and techniques that are gentle on your body, allow for faster healing, and offer more attractive outcomes.

Following the procedure:

  • Most patients can resume normal activities within 24 hours and can return to work in 3-4 days.
  • Wait to exercise until 3 weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid straining your pectoral muscles or stretching the chest or back as you recuperate.

Dr. Schwartz and his team will support your recovery and be available to answer the questions you have along the way. By the time you’ve healed, the problems that you were experiencing should be gone, and your breasts should have a more natural and beautiful appearance.

Learn more about breast implant removal in Dallas. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Schwartz online or by phone at (888) 800-8300.