Breast Implants Have Capsular Contracture? They’re Asymmetric? They’re Bottoming Out?

Let Dr. Schwartz Fix Your Implants With Breast Revision Surgery

Indeed, there can be any number of reasons why a woman needs implant revision surgery–from incorrect positioning* or size to implant rupture, capsular contracture or other changes in the breast tissue that have resulted in breast sagging (ptosis) or breast tissue thinning.  While other reasons for breast implant revision include visible implant rippling or the desire to exchange saline for a silicone gel implant, or vice versa.

Dr. Schwartz truly believes that changing a patient’s life in a positive manner is the most rewarding part of plastic surgery and he firmly upholds the Hippocratic oath of “first do no harm.”  That belief extends especially to helping those women who have been failed by their prior surgeries.  This is not to say that a botched procedure is necessarily the culprit.

Critical with any breast implant revision is a correct diagnosis.  More often than not, however, it’s a diagnosis that Dr. Schwartz must make without the benefit of the patient’s post-operative data.  Which is why breast implant revisions especially require a surgeon with enough experience and creativity to accurately assess the situation in the operating room where the real issues often present themselves.  It is during these times that you really want Dr. Schwartz as your surgeon.  In his skilled hands, you can finally relax while he restores your body to the vision you have always wished.

*Incorrect breast implant positioning can result in bottoming out, asymmetry, synmastia, breadloafing double bubble, excess cleavage and implant rotation.

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