Breast Implant Rotation Dallas

Implant Rotation after Breast Augmentation

The Art of Breast Revision by Dr. Robert Schwartz

Your plastic surgeon places implants to enhance the appearance of your natural breasts. But, when your results don’t turn out the way you expected, a breast revision may be needed to correct the problem. Each year, thousands of women are in the same position as you. And each year, the majority of those women are happy with their results after a breast revision.

A common problem and the cause of unhappiness for many Dallas, TX breast augmentation patients is implant rotation. Implant rotation is a shift in the position of your breast implants that causes a change in the appearance of your breasts. Anatomical, also called teardrop or gummy-bear implants, are the most problematic because they are shaped in a way that does not allow room for error. And many plastic surgeons are simply unqualified to place these implants.

A solution by manufacturers has been to create textured anatomical implants that settle into place within approximately two or three weeks after your breast augmentation. Although this reduces the incidence of implant rotation, the problem is not completely corrected because it’s not due to the implants but the surgeon’s technique in placing them.

Dr. Robert Schwartz has developed a technique for evaluating implants for the specific body type of his Dallas, TX patients. Based on chest measurements and what you can achieve based on these, Dr. Schwartz will provide you with a range of options for size. Many Dallas, TX patients who initially opted for anatomical breast implants simply may not have a body type that is suited for this style of implant. Generally, women who have a narrow chest and low breast position tend to do best with anatomical implants.  

What other plastic surgeons don’t tell their patients is that anatomical implants are not for everyone. Instead, many other doctors ask their patients which implant style they prefer and perform procedures that are heavily reliant on trends and information provided by the company manufacturing the implants. The result is misinformation, bad judgment on the part of the plastic surgeon, and terrible results for the patient.

Another factor for implant rotation is the plastic surgeon’s ability to create the breast pocket that is the right size. A breast pocket that is too large will cause your implant to shift and heal out of place. The key to preventing this is careful control in creating the breast pocket. Dr. Schwartz relies on decades of breast revision experience to assist Dallas, TX patients and correct implant rotation that occurs after other plastic surgeons perform a procedure they don’t understand fully.

As a plastic surgeon motivated to provide his patients the best possible results, Dr. Schwartz adopts the attitude of an objective advisor. His goal is to find out what you want and how he can translate that to your unique body type. He does not adhere to the idea of cup size but instead creates a common language for patients to communicate their goals for breast revision. This may mean slightly modifying what you want to provide you with results that you love.

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