How Can Breast Implants Correct Breast Asymmetry?

Breast Implants DallasSome Dallas women have breasts with different sizes, shapes, or alignment. Size, in particular, can cause dramatic differences between the two breasts. Women with this type of asymmetry often feel embarrassed about their appearance, have trouble finding clothes that fit properly, and have an overall diminished quality of life.

Fortunately, a single plastic surgery procedure can correct asymmetry. Dr. Schwartz has found through his years in practice that the right combination of breast implants can help nearly any patient, giving her a symmetrical, natural-looking, and beautiful appearance.

Treating Asymmetry: Saline or Silicone Breast Implants?

Historically, the common belief in the plastic surgery community was that saline breast implants were the best option for addressing asymmetry. In an augmentation with saline implants, the surgeon begins by placing the implants, and then fills them to the necessary size. The thinking behind this technique was to allow the surgeon to increase the size gradually, and at just the right amount so that the breasts would match in symmetry.

In reality, filling saline breast implants to varying sizes doesn’t offer a significantly better outcome. In Dr. Schwartz’s experience, silicone breast implants provide more benefits to Dallas patients, including:

  • A beautiful and more natural-looking aesthetic result.
  • Greater synergy between the implant and the breast tissue, allowing the implants to mold and move with the breasts.
  • A feel that is more like their own breast tissue.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Schwartz will review these advantages as well as other aspects of your treatment. He will conduct a comprehensive examination and carefully plan your procedure to give you attractive, outstanding results.

Correcting Breast Asymmetry with Surgery

Dr. Schwartz uses a multi-step process to place breast implants for his Dallas patients. His method makes the breasts look beautiful, youthful, and well-balanced:

Initial test. Dr. Schwartz will decide on a preliminary implant size. He will place a set of test implants in the surgical pockets and evaluate how they look.

Resizing. Patients who have asymmetry may require a larger implant for the smaller breast. Dr. Schwartz will review different sizes of test implants in the surgical pockets to get the right combination.

Shape. Increasing the size of one implant but not the other can cause differences in the shape of the breasts. To avoid trading one asymmetry for another, Dr. Schwartz can use implants with different profiles. This approach changes where the volume of the implant goes so that the two breasts look similar to one another.

Revision. For most Dallas women, the steps above will be enough to correct asymmetry. In some cases, however, Dr. Schwartz will recommend additional breast surgery techniques. Different approaches will benefit different patients. For example, Dr. Schwartz may:

  • Perform liposuction on the larger breast. This will allow him to use breast implants that are closer in size to each other.
  • Do a lift on one or both breasts or a differential lift to match their shapes.
  • Use a textured implant on one side and a smooth implant on the other. This can control the position of the implants to make the breasts look more similar.

Correcting asymmetry with breast implants can be a simple or complex procedure. In either case, Dr. Schwartz can tailor your surgery to your needs to give you an attractive, well-proportioned result, one that can improve your confidence in your appearance and the quality of your life.

If a lack of symmetry is keeping you from having the body you want, explore surgical solutions with Dr. Schwartz. Schedule a consultation with his Dallas office by calling (888) 800-8300.