BreastAUGust is Here!


BreastAUGust Chapter One – The Amazing History of BreastAUGust

Here, at Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery, we had grown so tired of our society ignoring great breasts. Time and time again we would see Various Kardashians celebrated for their accomplishments and learning but not once for their breasts!

And then there’s the internet. Oh, you can Google “breasts” but good luck finding any on there.

Well, instead of griping about this (more like in addition to griping about this), we decided to do something. Since we lacked the authority to declare a new national holiday, we declared a new national holiday.

And that’s how BreastAugust began.

Chapter Two – The Breast AUGust Offer

Every holiday has its customs and rituals and BreastAugust is no different. How’s this for a celebration:

Book and pay for your breast augmentation in August, 2016 (sorry, but past and future Augusts are excluded by law and physics) and you’ll get $500 off Dr. Schwartz’ surgeon’s fee!

Mind blown yet?? Ready for BreastAUGust Custom #2?

Chapter Three – Even More Mind-Blowing Than Chapter Two

BreastAUGust is all about community and sharing. So bring a friend with you. (Yes, an acquaintance is fine. Heck, bring a stranger. We don’t care.) If both of you book and pay for your breast augmentations in August, you’ll each get $1000 off your surgery.

That’s a total of $2000 off!

You don’t even have to tell your friend and you could pocket the whole two grand. Hmm, maybe it’s better to come in with an acquaintance. But make sure you come in.

August doesn’t last forever. Thirty-one days and that’s it.

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