Breast Revision Case Study

after-1 revealed

This is a 40-year-old woman who had breast augmentation performed by a surgeon in Oklahoma six years earlier. The surgeon used very overfilled saline breast implants placed over the pec muscle. This woman had already had one revision surgery by another surgeon within a year of her original surgery.

By the time she saw me, the very large, heavy implants had dramatically stretched and thinned her own breast tissue. Her breasts had a very unnatural shape and were extremely hard. There was no way to properly fix these problems in a single step. I recommended to her that we temporarily remove her implants to give her breasts time to heal from the damage that had been done. This is not a recommendation that I make lightly and don’t make it very often. I know how hard it is for any woman to consider removing her implants even temporarily. But I can’t stress enough how important this step is for women whose breasts have been badly traumatized by improper augmentations.

Nothing is as impressive as the body’s ability to heal itself. We ended up waiting six months after removing her implants. It was amazing how much her breasts improved in this time. They rose higher. They softened. Her tissue even regained some of its previous thickness.

By the time six months were up, her breasts looked like breasts again. Now we could proceed with breast augmentation and lifting. I placed 425 mL moderate plus profile silicone gel implants under the pec muscle and performed a vertical mastopexy.

The pictures you see here were taken several months after her final surgery. Her breasts are full, soft, and natural looking. The scars from the breast lift will continue to fade over time.