Mommy Make Over Case Study

Mommy Makeover Reveal

J, a 43-year old health care executive with three children, gained and lost about 50 pounds with each pregnancy. This constant weight fluctuation took a toll on her body, causing several noticeable problems. J’s abdominal muscles stretched out and weakened, dense stretch marks covered the lower half of her abdomen, and her belly button became distorted and collapsed on itself.

Prior to J’s pregnancies, she had undergone two breast augmentation surgeries. With her latter procedure, she received 425 cc saline implants that were overfilled to 600 cc. This created a very dense, heavy implant that stretched and thinned the skin with each pregnancy. The result: sagging, widely separated breasts and implants that were clearly visible and easy to feel.

J had always been fit and active, but following her three pregnancies she was left with a body that no longer reflected her healthy lifestyle. So she turned to Dr. Schwartz for a Mommy Makeover.

The initial step of surgery was to replace J’s implants. Dr. Schwartz first used her old incisions to remove the current implants. He then used test implants (sizers) to determine that the best new implants for J would be the Mentor 650 cc round, high profile silicone gels. During the augmentation procedure, Dr. Schwartz inserted the implants, made necessary adjustments to the implant pockets to optimize shape, and reinforced the bottom of the breasts with sutures in order to minimize future sagging.

Following the augmentation procedure, Dr. Schwartz tightened and lifted her breasts with a procedure he calls the “NoVert Mastopexy,” so named because it eliminates the vertical breast lift scar. This particular technique lifted, firmed, and shaped the breasts, in addition to raising the nipples, decreasing their diameter and lightening their color.

A tummy tuck finalized the Mommy Makeover surgery, which corrected the post-pregnancy problems J wanted to correct. Dr. Schwartz tightened her abdominal skin and muscles, removed the stretch marks, narrowed her waistline, and reconstructed her belly button.
The photos in this case study show J’s overall Mommy Makeover results one year after surgery.