The Best Dallas Breast Lift Treats Sagging and Deflation

When women are dissatisfied after visiting a Dallas breast lift surgeon, it’s often because they needlessly received a Wise pattern mastopexy (the standard “anchor scar” breast lift). After this operation, the woman’s breasts are indeed higher on the chest, but they still lack the perky, youthful shape they envisioned. What’s more noticeable, however, are the highly visible scars which completely encircle the nipple, run down the middle of the breast and extend across the entire bottom crease of the breast (forming the distinct namesake anchor pattern). This is a high price to pay for suboptimal results.

After years of experience as a Dallas breast lift surgeon, Dr. Robert Schwartz has come to understand that these unsatisfactory results are almost always caused by a simple misdiagnosis. Doctors are all too quick to treat the sagging in the breasts without ever addressing another vital consideration for breast augmentation: deflation.

Because Dr. Schwartz always performs extensive consultations with his patients in order to clearly identify their goals for breast enhancement, he’s able to tell exactly what kind of breast surgery they need to achieve the desired look with minimal scarring. Most cases call for a full breast rejuvenation, which may include a breast lift, but can also require a modest breast implant in order to restore the fullness and shape of the breast.

The goal of this breast implant is not to increase the size of the breast to unnatural proportions –it’s meant only to fill out the upper area of the breast in order to add the structure and volume that a breast lift simply won’t do.

To devise the absolute best breast rejuvenation procedure for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz. Most women are pleasantly surprised to learn that they don’t need a drastic breast lift that will leave them with highly visible scars because a less intrusive, more efficient breast augmentation method will work better.

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