About Dallas Breast Reduction Surgery

There are important reasons that women choose to have Dallas breast reduction surgery.

  • Large breasts can cause persistent pain. Back and neck discomfort can impact your ability to function at home and at work.
  • For some women, large breasts can limit physical activity and make it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle or to lose weight.
  • The size of your breasts may hinder your confidence, prevent you from wearing certain styles or outfits, or make you feel less attractive.

By working with an experienced and talented Dallas breast reduction surgeon, you can address these issues and get the body you want.

Finding the Right Doctor

When choosing a surgeon, it is important to remember that you aren’t just looking to remove mass from the area. Instead, your goal should be to create the most attractive breasts at the right size for your body. Your doctor should share this goal.

During your initial consultation with the doctor, you should have an opportunity to learn more about his / her work. Take the time to review other results the doctor has provided Dallas patients and to ask how these breast reduction results compare to what you can expect for your own procedure.

Also, use your time together to define your expectations and to ask important questions about the surgeon’s process. Your conversation should leave you feeling that the surgeon has an eye for detail, is committed to excellence, and understands your vision for the results.

Finally, the surgeon should take this time to conduct several measurements. These help to determine the final shape, size, and position for your breasts. Knowledgeable doctors will make sure that your frame will support the new breasts and work in harmony with them.

If your consultation does not provide this type of experience, consider looking elsewhere for your doctor. The care a surgeon takes before your procedure is a good indication of how he / she will conduct the operation.

Relying on Experience

For almost 15 years, Dr. Robert Schwartz has provided Dallas and Plano breast reduction patients beautiful new bodies and freedom from chronic back pain.

Dr. Schwartz is a summa cum laude graduate from Yale University and a graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine. He has held residencies at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, and he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

Beyond experience and accolades, Dr. Schwartz achieves success for his patients by focusing on the details, taking the time to provide the best care possible, and using advanced techniques and treatments. His work helps ensure natural and beautiful results.

If you are ready for a change to your body—and to your life—we encourage you to discuss breast reduction with Dr. Schwartz. Contact our Dallas offices by calling (888) 800-8300.