Dallas HiDef Liposuction

You go to the gym, you watch what you eat and now you’re right on the cusp of that ultimate level of fitness and tone. But that final, thin layer of fat that still stands between you and the true definition that you’ve built up just below the surface can be harder to shed than all of the weight you’ve lost up to this point. If this sounds like you, then Dr. Robert Schwartz, the first and only Dallas HiDef liposuction plastic surgeon, can help.

High definition VASER® liposuction takes body sculpting to the next level so you can conquer that last step towards perfecting your body. Rather than merely reducing the amount of fat in your body, as conventional liposuction does, HiDef lipo actually sculpts your body fat using a combination of deep and superficial VASER® treatments to reveal the chiseled musculature underneath. Dallas HiDef liposuction is anatomically guided by the shape of your back, chest, abdomen, flanks and arms to accentuate the muscles you’ve worked so hard to attain but are hidden by persistent, residual fat.

Dr. Schwartz is one of only a handful of plastic surgeons who have mastered this advanced VASER® technique and he remains the only Dallas HiDef liposuction doctor. After studying in Argentina alongside Dr. Alfredo Hoyas, the inventor of HiDef lipo, Dr. Schwartz has brought this rare skill to his practice in Texas and now applies its principles to give all of his liposuction patients more dramatic results than can ever be achieved through conventional liposuction methods.

Whether you’re looking to eliminate that last vestige of fat that’s keeping you from the physique you’ve always wanted or you simply want to shed more pounds, more evenly with smoother-looking results, HiDef VASER® liposuction will do the trick.

Ready to take your body to the next level? Call Dr. Schwartz at (888) 800-8300 to schedule your Dallas HiDef liposuction consultation.