The Dallas “Mini Facelift” and Other Cosmetic Procedures

Robert Schwartz is an experienced doctor certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Surgery. He employs precision techniques to help his patients achieve their goals of beauty, youthfulness, and physical rejuvenation.

Among the procedures that Dr. Schwartz offers North Texas patients is a “Dallas mini facelift”. When you think of a facelift, you may have some preconceived ideas of what the process entails. Namely, you may believe that a facelift means:

  • General anesthesia. Some procedures require numbing the patient’s entire body, which calls for longer recuperation.
  • In-depth dissection. Facelifts may require extensive manipulation of the patient’s deeper levels of skin. As a result, recovery takes longer and patients may need more help with pain management.
  • A long road to healing. Facelifts can be intensive surgeries that require time before a patient can truly enjoy the benefits of the procedure. They have to wait for swelling to fade, incisions to heal, and soreness to abate before they can share their new appearance with others.

Dr. Schwartz offers patients an alternative. His Dallas mini facelift targets the jaw line, the area beneath the chin, and the upper neck. Many people do not recognize how significant this region of the face is in determining how youthful—or aged—we look. Over time, this skin loses elasticity and droops out of place. The result is a hollow, less healthy appearance. Patients can achieve remarkable results by working with this area alone.

Dr. Schwartz performs mini facelifts using a series of advanced techniques called QuickLift™ (Dr. Schwartz is the only surgeon who is able to provide this procedure for patients in Dallas.) QuickLift™ requires less surgical manipulation. As a result, many patients do not need to undergo general anesthesia.

This brand of Dallas mini facelift combines a number of suturing maneuvers rather than extensive cutting. Dr. Schwartz works with patients to establish a customized plan for the procedure. During the operation, he employs “double purse-string” sutures to return the facial structures back to the positions they held in the patient’s younger years.

Patients who choose to have a Dallas mini facelift can decide to have other procedures during the same session with Dr. Schwartz. Some clients opt to have fat suctioned away from the neck to create a smoother, leaner profile. Neck fat liposuctioned during the Dallas mini facelift can be injected into other areas, such as the brows, cheeks, chin, jowls, or lips to help counter wrinkles or sagging. Other options for patients are eyelid surgery, brow lifts, and chemical peels. To learn about all of the services available, contact Dr. Schwartz today.

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