Double Bubble Correction Dallas

Double Bubble after Breast Augmentation

The Art of Breast Revision by Dr. Robert Schwartz

The purpose of a breast augmentation is to enhance the size of your breasts. But how do you know the exact size that will fit your frame? The measurements taken by a plastic surgeon are instrumental in determining what fits on your body. Chest height, width, and distance from the nipple to the breast crease all factor into the decision of size. While it is important to have a general idea of the changes you want for your breasts, going too big has its own problems.

And what exactly causes double bubble? The cause can be weakness in the support provided by your breast tissue for the implant, a poorly chosen implant poorly matched to your anatomy, and sometimes erroneous surgical techniques. The best treatment for double bubble is avoiding it in the first place by carefully choosing an experienced plastic surgeon who will meticulously plan and execute your surgery. But even if you already have a double bubble, we can help.

Double bubble is one of the reasons that many Dallas, TX patients come in for breast revision surgery. A double bubble appears when the breast implant is visible through the skin, creating a distinctive second breast crease. For the implants to fit into the breast pocket, the breast pockets need to be the precise size to fit the implants without leaving room for repositioning. When your plastic surgeon does not have the right technique, it can cause your breasts implants to shift out of place. In other cases, a patient experiencing sagging may have needed to combine a breast lift with an augmentation for the implant to sit directly over the breast rather than under it.

Dr. Schwartz takes the time to understand your specific problem and the possible causes during a consultation. But of course, there’s no substitution for the intuition of a good plastic surgeon. This means reevaluating each situation when more detail is revealed in surgery and making the appropriate decision to provide results that they love. Dr. Schwartz has performed numerous breast surgery revisions and understands that patients need to feel confident that their second surgery will deliver results that the first one did not.

During revision surgery to correct double bubble, there are a few different options for correction. The first is to adjust the size of the breast pocket so that the implant sits correctly without shifting out of place. Another common correction is to reduce the implant size so that the breast tissue supporting it is not overstrained. Chances are that your original plastic surgeon did not assess the correct range for implant size, and your body is now telling you that it cannot handle larger implants. The third option for patients is moving the breast crease or inframammary fold so that the breast implant is not visible through the skin. Each technique is applied based on your specific situation, the final result you want to achieve, and your personal preferences.

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