Nipple Reduction / Areola Reduction

The beauty of the breasts comes in part from symmetrical, well-shaped, and proportional nipples and areolas. The appearance of these features can make a big difference in how satisfied you are with the way you look. However, nipples and areolas that are overly large can:

  • Limit the styles of clothing that you can wear.
  • Restrict the activities in which you can participate.
  • Cause irritation or sensitivity.

Dr. Schwartz conducts nipple reduction/areola reduction procedures for Dallas patients to resolve these issues and help achieve their personal aesthetic goals. He leverages his years of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon and his eye for artistic detail to provide natural-looking, graceful, and attractive change.

The Purpose of Nipple Reduction / Areola Reduction

Dr. Schwartz can resolve concerns with the nipples, the areolas, or both through surgery. Some of the problems that Dallas patients choose to address with nipple reduction/areola reduction are:

  • Areolas that are wide, stretched, prominent, or irregularly shaped.
  • Areolas that take up a significant portion of the breast tissue.
  • Areolas or nipples that are not symmetrical.
  • Areolas that are excessively dark (often after pregnancy).
  • Nipples that are long, protruding, droopy, or inverted.

While most of Dr. Schwartz’s Dallas patients that receive nipple reduction/areola reduction are women, men may also opt to have the procedure. The surgery can provide male patients with a more masculine and sculpted chest.

What to Expect with Nipple Reduction / Areola Reduction

Dr. Schwartz will conduct a comprehensive consultation and examination as part of your treatment. He will learn your goals, discuss the possibilities with nipple reduction/areola reduction, and determine a surgical approach based on your vision for success. Dr. Schwartz prioritizes the patient relationship as well as your safety and comfort. In his care, you can expect an excellent experience and an attractive, natural-looking outcome.

Dallas patients can have nipple reduction/areola reduction as a standalone procedure or in combination with another surgery, such as breast augmentation, lift, or reduction. Most nipple and areolar procedures can be performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Schwartz also conducts more extensive procedures using general anesthesia, which is administered by a board-certified physician anesthesiologist.

The Nipple Reduction / Areola Reduction Procedure

In an areola reduction, Dr. Schwartz removes excess tissue from the areolas to revise their shape and size. The surgery may also raise the nipples higher on the breasts. As a result, patients often benefit from a mini-breast lift and a more youthful appearance.

With nipple reduction surgery, Dr. Schwartz will reduce the length and/or diameter of the nipples. This will make the nipples look prettier and less protruding. It can also reduce discomfort when wearing certain clothing styles.

With both procedures, Dr. Schwartz will conduct the surgery in such a way that incisions should be unobtrusive and resulting scars should fade naturally over time.

Healing and Outcomes

Dallas patients have nipple reduction and areola reduction surgeries on an outpatient basis. As you heal from your procedure, you may notice:

  • Mild swelling or discomfort for a few days. Most patients manage these concerns with pain medication.
  • Nipple tenderness. This is usually due to temporary nerve irritation. Dr. Schwartz and his staff can provide guidance to help resolve sensitivity.

If the only procedure you have is nipple reduction/areola reduction, you may be able to return to normal activities the following day. Dr. Schwartz will recommend that you avoid rigorous activity, such as exercise, for one week. He may provide a different timeline for recovery if you also have a procedure such as a breast augmentation or reduction.

Note that both nipple and areola reduction carry some risk of losing nipple sensation. While this is not a problem for most patients, Dr. Schwartz typically advises women to be finished with breastfeeding before having the surgery.

The benefits of your nipple reduction/areola reduction should be immediate and permanent. Once you’ve fully recovered, you should be able to enjoy more aesthetically pleasing features, greater freedom in daily activities, and improved comfort.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts and ready to make a change, schedule an appointment with Dr. Schwartz to learn more about nipple reduction/areola reduction. Contact his Dallas practice online or by phone at (888) 800-8300.