Breast Implant Story – “I finally feel like a woman”

type-thank-you.jpgI’m extremely pleased with the results and how everything turned out.  Dr. Schwartz is such an amazing surgeon.  His eye for detail and artistic ability is truly a work of art on the human body.  The image he gave me is one that I could never have sculpted in the gym.  I finally feel like a woman.  And for that I am tremendously grateful for.

Many thanks to you and Cynthia for all your knowledge,support and time before, during and after my surgery.  Dr. Schwartz is blessed to have such a talented and caring staff.  Your compassion for patients is remarkable!

I look forward to my next follow-up in March.  Hopefully I will see you then so you can see the final results…brace yourself they are amazing looking.

After all I now have a “body by Schwartz!”  -Thought about making a shirt to say that,however, I’m so modest I wouldn’t wear it in public.  Take care and have a blessed week!



(Breast augmentation patient)