D’s Story

My surgeon, Dr. Robert J. Schwartz and his nurse, Amanda are the most wonderful team I’ve ever encountered. The ease and comfort I felt immediately relaxed me so that I could feel assured of my choice. I stayed in almost constant contact with Amanda and Carolyn, office receptionist in the status of my credit application, appointment booking scheduling and throughout the hectic pre-surgery details. Each time I faced any challenge, I was immediately reassured and calmly guided.

The day of surgery was met with few challenges. I was apparently an ease to operate on according to the report provided to my boyfriend personally by Dr. Schwartz. This meant a lot to my boyfriend and I. Dr. Schwartz took the time to reassure him all had gone wonderfully smooth and had all praise for the ease in operating on me. The staff at the clinic was marvelous, informative and genuinely concerned for the person not just the patient throughout my entire stay. I had no bruising and the usual swelling considering the tissues and muscles involved. I elected for breast fold incision as it seemed less evasive and trauma to the tender nerves and muscles and am still very happy I elected for this incision site versus the pectoral or nipple.

Dr. Schwartz and I discussed my optimum goal while reviewing photos I’d provided him of what I’d desire to look like and why. In recalling the photo I chose and the explanations for my choice, I know my optimum goal was reached. I believe the breasts I have today are identical to the photo of my number one choice. I’ve received several accolades from male admirers whom also give their praise to my surgeon for his marvelous work. These are from men that never knew me prior as well as dear friends that had known my previous look. All sing praises to Dr. Schwartz!

Without a doubt, my breast implant surgery was a very rewarding experience. I met several people that I remain on friendly terms with and are forever my email companions and value greatly the skill and expertise Dr. Schwartz and his entire staff provide. I recommend him highly and without reservation of any kind and would very much welcome guiding anyone the privilege of experiencing breast implant surgery performed by Dr. Schwartz.