J’s Story

I would highly recommend Dr. Schwartz for breast augmentation surgery. I had considered breast augmentation for over five years however I was concerned about the pain and recovery involved with surgery. Prior to finding a surgeon, I did extensive research on the internet and talked to women who had the surgery. One of my biggest fears was the pain and the amount of “down-time” required for recovery as I had heard stories of women waking up from surgery in severe pain, crying and having to remain on the couch for 5 or 6 days (even longer in some cases). While I was fully prepared to be out of commission for a few days, I was utterly shocked to have very little pain upon waking from surgery and only small amounts of pain in the days after surgery. In fact, the pain was so slight that within 12 hours of surgery I was off the prescription pain meds completely and only took two Tylenol once after that! I was amazed! I had very little swelling, no bruising and was back to normal (non-exercise) activities the day after surgery.

I chose Dr. Schwartz because he was flexible, provided great advice on implant type and size and had a lot of examples of his work on his website. I felt comfortable knowing he was comfortable showing multiple before and after pictures. In addition to the lack of pain and quick recovery associated with my augmentation, Dr. Schwartz helps you make the right choice on implant size based on pictures and your pre-operative breast shape and size. His staff is great and also makes you feel very comfortable on post operative visits when you have to “share” Dr. Schwartz’s handiwork. They also answered any questions I had after the surgery and gave me personal advice on how to be more comfortable with my new breasts.

As an athlete who both runs and lifts weights, breast tissue is something I have sacrificed to stay in shape. My breasts were the one area of my body that I couldn’t make bigger or shape through exercise. I would highly recommend breast augmentation to any woman who is not comfortable with their breasts. I am thrilled with the results and cannot believe how easy it was!

Thanks Dr. Schwartz and staff!