Considering Plano Breast Reduction Surgery? Learn What to Expect

If you have large breasts, you may be experiencing several problems, from chronic back and neck pain to a limitation of your physical activity. Plano breast reduction surgery can address many of these issues. It can also help you feel more attractive and comfortable with your appearance.

About Dr. Robert Schwartz and Plano Breast Reduction

Dr. Robert Schwartz is an experienced Plano cosmetic surgeon serving patients throughout Texas and the United States. Women turn to him when they are seeking high-quality care, a responsive and expert physician, and excellent results.

Removing mass from the breast in order to reduce the stress on the patient’s body is only one part of a Plano breast reduction. Dr. Schwartz believes that the key is designing a procedure to optimize the patient’s breasts. He focuses not only on making the breasts smaller but on providing you with the prettiest appearance possible.

His experience and achievements demonstrates this commitment to excellence. Dr. Schwartz is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Medical Association, and the American College of Surgeons.

Because Dr. Schwartz commits to ongoing professional development and leadership in the field, you can have confidence that he will apply the best medicine to your surgery.

About the Process

To start their breast reduction, Plano patients schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Schwartz and his team. When you come to your appointment, it’s likely that you will have questions about the procedure. You will also want the opportunity to discuss the problems that you have been experiencing, what you expect from the surgery, and how you would like to look after the operation.

Unfortunately, not every surgeon takes this time with patients. Sub-par medical professionals are too often interested in getting surgery done and seeing the next person in line. Dr. Schwartz and his staff understand that quality medicine requires spending time with you, communicating with you about your needs and goals, and then doing everything possible to achieve them.

To help ensure these results, Dr. Schwartz adjusts each procedure to the patient’s unique requirements. He uses detailed measurements to design a reduction surgery that will reshape the breasts to fit well within your body’s frame.

After surgery and recovery, you can reduce or eliminate the neck and back pain you have been experiencing. You may also be more physically active and find greater confidence in the way you look. To learn about more of the benefits of the procedure, we invite you to contact Dr. Schwartz and his team today.

To schedule your breast reduction consultation, call our Plano offices at (888) 800-8300.