Reach the Pinnacle of Physical Fitness with Plano HiDef Liposuction

Attaining that ultimate physique is a constant uphill climb – and it only gets steeper as you get closer to the top.  The same routine of diet and exercise that helped you shed pounds in your 20s won’t work as you grow older and your metabolism slows. But all that hard work doesn’t have to be for nothing. In fact, that defined musculature you’ve been seeking may already be there, hidden just beneath the surface.  So, how can you breakthrough the barriers that stand between you and the perfect body? There is a revolutionary technology that can help – and there’s only one place where you can find a plastic surgeon who’s mastered it: Dr. Robert Schwartz’s office near Plano.

HiDef liposuction is a groundbreaking body sculpting procedure that goes beyond fat removal.  HiDef lipo uses a combination of deep and superficial VASER® treatments to shed your body fat to reveal and accentuate the muscles underneath. With high definition liposuction, patients who are already relatively fit and trim can get visible tone and definition in their arms, back, chest, abdomen and flanks. Patients who aren’t yet on the cusp of ultimate fitness can also benefit from HiDef VASER® techniques, which removes dramatically more fat than traditional liposuction, more evenly and with much less pain.

Dr. Schwartz is among an elite few who learned this advanced technique from its inventor, Columbian surgeon Dr. Alfredo Hoyas, and he is the first and only plastic surgeon with HiDef liposuction training in Plano.  Vaser HiDef liposuction allows Dr. Schwartz to remove more fat than with conventional techniques resulting in more dramatic body sculpting and muscle definition.

High definition VASER® liposuction is what many fitness-conscious men and women have been waiting for. Finally, even if you’ve already honed your body through diet and exercise, you can benefit from liposuction by removing that last, persistent bit of fat that stands between you and a well-defined body.

Find out what HiDef liposuction can do for you – call Dr. Schwartz at (888)-800-8300.