A Unique Approach to Breast Augmentation in Dallas: Making the Right Choices

It is not uncommon for women to be critical of their bodies. Especially in Dallas where people work so hard to look their best. Whether they’re looking in the mirror and scanning their face, hair, clothes or entire body, women generally find something to be critical about. One common attribute women tend to be most critical about is their breasts. Are they too large? Too small? Disproportionate?

Dr. Robert Schwartz knows and understands the struggles many women have being happy with the appearance of their breasts. Over time, a woman’s breasts can start sagging or simply become undesirable for several different reasons, causing low self-esteem. You can’t help how your breasts look after they age or after you have children, but it’s still natural to be unhappy with them at times. Women shouldn’t have to live with being unhappy with their breasts if they don’t want to, so Dr. Schwartz is committed to helping women in the Dallas area achieve the prettiest breasts possible.

Keys to a Successful Breast Augmentation

Every woman is unique, so shouldn’t breast augmentations be unique as well? Many surgeons use the same technique over and over on most of their patients, which doesn’t benefit the individual at all. Dr. Schwartz’s belief is that everyone has their own style, and the only way to be truly happy with the procedure is to match that style and meet the desires of the patient. Some of the keys to a successful breast augmentation Dr. Schwartz believes in include:

  • Not limiting a patient’s choice of product or procedure to a certain company’s brand.
  • Giving each patient different choices in breast implant styles. A breast augmentation decision shouldn’t be rushed, and all styles should be taken into consideration.
  • Helping a patient determine a vision for themselves, and making the vision a reality through careful consideration of the size and style of breast implant. One of the goals of a breast augmentation is to improve a woman’s self-worth and confidence, so Dr. Schwartz takes the time to ensure each patient understands exactly what they want to achieve.


Dr. Schwartz’s process involves understanding your specific vision for how you want your breasts to look. He will then explain all different sizes, styles and options to help you bring your vision to reality. The main takeaway every patient gets from a visit with Dr. Schwartz is that he doesn’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach.

Why Do YOU Want A Breast Augmentation?

One of the steps in a woman’s initial consultation with Dr. Schwartz is to determine why YOU want a breast augmentation. We emphasize YOU because many women look at celebrities or other peers and try to compare themselves to those people. While it is important to consult with family and close friends prior to undergoing your breast augmentation, it’s important to be at peace with your decision for yourself. If you base your decision on what others think about you or how you think you will be perceived by others, then there’s a higher likelihood you won’t be completely satisfied with the outcome of your breast augmentation.

Dr. Schwartz never rushes the process and encourages his patients in Dallas to take their time, think it over, and talk it out with those close to them. A breast augmentation can be a life-changing procedure for the better, but the reason why it’s life changing is different for everyone. Dr. Schwartz will not move forward with the procedure until he gets a complete sense you are confident with your decision. This is one of the many reasons why women in the Dallas area have complete trust in Dr. Schwartz and his practices.

One Size Does Not Fit All

It’s impossible to meet the vision a patient has for their breasts by taking a “one size fits all” approach to breast augmentation. Dr. Schwartz believes all options should be on the table for each patient, including:

  • Smooth or textured shells
  • Round shape or teardrop shape
  • Silicone gel or saline
  • High, medium or low profile


All of these considerations have to be taken in order to have a breast augmentation patients will be happy with.

Many surgeons give the impression they want to learn about their patient’s vision, but the reality is they only offer a certain range of breast implant types and styles. This limits their ability to provide the service and the results some patients desire, which doesn’t benefit anyone. When Dr. Schwartz asks a patient what their vision is for themselves, he will be able to deliver on their request by offering the widest range of options and styles to meet their needs. Turning a vision into a reality is what Dr. Schwartz specializes in.


Shape Is Just As Important As Size

Another characteristic about Dr. Schwartz that separates him from other surgeons is his ability to see the big picture as well as the tiniest details. Many women in Dallas come to Dr. Schwartz and ask for breasts larger than what is proportionate for their body. While he can accommodate any wishes, his ultimate goal is to ensure every patient is happy with their decision when they look in the mirror and when they are in public.

Proportion is critical for any successful breast augmentation. Implants can help improve the size of the breasts, but the shape and position of the breasts also need to be taken into consideration. Dr. Schwartz fully believes in the natural beauty of the human body and uses breast augmentation procedures to enhance this in each and every one of his patients. He does this by looking at every patient’s physical features to ensure the entire body is enhanced as a result of their breast augmentation, instead of just the chest area. Having breast implants that are too large can make a patient’s body look disproportionate and can lead to poor self image. Dr. Schwartz has a unique ability to identify even the smallest proportion issues and can address them accordingly.

Know What You’re Getting Out of The Procedure

How do you really know you are getting the right procedure done from Dr. Schwartz, or any other doctor for that matter? The difference is in the technique and the process leading up to the actual breast augmentation. Dr. Schwartz uses common language when talking to each of his patients, so they clearly understand the procedure. He’s also available to answer as many questions as the patient has about the preparation, the procedure itself or the recovery. Being informed about each and every part of the procedure is vital for all patients to ensure satisfaction, and Dr. Schwartz takes the time to ensure it happens.

Your Doctor’s Techniques Affect The Results

One concern many women in Dallas have when it comes to breast augmentation is the pain and recovery associated with it. Some plastic surgeons choose to take an aggressive approach to open the implant pocket, in an effort to reduce time in the operating room. While this makes sense at first thought, it’s actually not the best approach to take.

Dr. Schwartz is willing to take a little longer in the operating room to use his electrocautery technique and be gentler when opening the implant pocket. Not only is his electrocautery technique more accurate, but it will leave the patient with minimal bruising, bleeding and swelling. Plus the recovery time is much quicker, as most Dallas area women can get back to their daily activities 24 hours after the procedure and go back to work in 3-4 days.

Aside From Technique, Trust is Key

Women have to trust their surgeon tremendously, since breast augmentation is a major procedure. Dr. Schwartz works to earn each patient’s trust by:

  • Providing as much information as the patient needs, so they are well-informed
  • Providing the information in clear terms that are easy to understand for all patients
  • Supporting the patient’s decisions throughout the process
  • Having the patient’s best interests in mind at all times
  • Providing only the most ethical practices
  • Being Board Certified and having years of training, education and experience


Choosing Dr. Schwartz for your breast augmentation is one of the best decisions you can make. Whether you’ve already decided you want to undergo the procedure or still need some advice or information about the process, Dr. Schwartz will ensure you are comfortable and informed every step of the way.

Dr. Schwartz and his staff would love to meet you and talk to you about your possible breast augmentation. Dallas area women can contact Dr. Schwartz at 888-800-8300 to set up a consultation and get the process started, or to simply obtain information to help you with your decision.