Dallas Chin Implant

A New Profile
The Art of the Chin Implant by Dr. Robert Schwartz in Dallas

Man or woman, it’s something you’ve thought about forever. Only now, after yet another group photo where the only thing you can see is your chin–or the lack thereof–you’re finally ready to do something about it… to finally have that new and improved profile you wished you had been born with.

The good news is that this enhancing procedure is very simple and straightforward. Yet it will immediately change your appearance and the way you feel about yourself.

Because Dr. Schwartz cares about your comfort, he prefers to perform this procedure using general anesthesia. A small incision is made under the chin, creating a horseshoe shaped flap along the lower jaw bone in which the U-shaped implant is then inserted. But unlike most plastic surgeons who rely time and time again on the same mass marketed silicone implant, Dr. Schwartz is always researching the best, most innovative solutions for his patients. Today, that comes in the form of polypropylene implants that better resemble the look and feel of real bone.

With these advances at his fingertips, Dr. Schwartz’ skill and artistry can truly create a magical new profile. While this material is more challenging to work with, the results are well worth the extra time and artistic freedom it allows Dr. Schwartz because it enables him to individually sculpt the material so that your new profile is customized especially for you. A little stronger chin for a man, a more refined profile for a woman.

While he often secures the implant with a titanium screw into the jaw bone, the porous quality of the implant not only feels more natural, it also allows your own tissue to grow into it, further securing the implant, reducing the possibility of shifting or being distorted by scar tissue.

It’s a one-hour procedure, with minimal discomfort, which means that you can show off your new profile as soon as the following day.

Facing your future with confidence and showing everyone your “good side” that is the art of the chin implant by Dr. Robert Schwartz in Dallas. Contact his practice in Dallas for a consultation at (888) 800-8300. 

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