Dallas Botox

The Simple Solution

The Art of Botox by Dr. Robert Schwartz in Dallas

Your face is in constant motion as it expresses the myriad of emotions you feel at any given moment. Then one day, despite the expensive night creams and skin care treatments, you look in the mirror and see the result.  Life has been literally etched into your face. Those elevens—the deep grooves between your eyebrows; the crow’s feet around your eyes and bunny lines at the side of your nose and below the corners of your mouth.

With Botox, Dr. Schwartz injects the solution into a particular muscle, blocking the nerves, that in turn forces the muscle to contract. It’s a mere ten-minute procedure that may take four to seven days for the full results to become evident.  Your etched lines will slowly fade and in some cases, actually go away, leaving you with a revived and refreshed appearance.

You may not be quite ready for surgery, but you’re also not ready to face the world without taking action. The simple solution is Botox, the no-brainer of cosmetic surgery. It carries virtually no risk, is fast, inexpensive, and it works on everyone to renew the face’s youthful appearance.

Dr. Schwartz understands that many people hesitate to use Botox, fearing a frozen, waxen appearance. Fear not.  To ensure the most natural results, he customizes the dose for your particular needs in an effort to preserve some of the muscle activity. He also offers dermal fillers to add volume and smooth out any ridges and creases.  Even where the muscle is completely paralyzed, because of Dr. Schwartz’ unique skill and artist’s eye, the results will still look absolutely natural, because he understands that is the result you desire.  You… only better.

We generally recommend additional visits every three months, but occasionally we’ve found that the more procedures you undergo, the longer you can eventually go between treatments.

It’s a simple solution made even simpler by Dr. Robert Schwartz in Dallas.

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